Episode 203: Writing a Novel and Anesthesiologists in Popular Fiction with Tammy Euliano

In this 203rd episode I welcome Dr. Tammy Euliano to the show to discuss how she got involved in writing fiction, how she took her idea all the way to a published novel called Fatal Intent, and how anesthesiologists are portrayed in popular fiction.

Dr. Euliano is on Twitter @teuliano

WEBSITE: www.teuliano.com 

LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA:  https://www.facebook.com/teuliano 

BUY LINK for her novel: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BZXYZ6M/ 

Brief summary of the novel: Malpractice or serial killer, and why doesn’t anyone care that frail, elderly patients are dying at home days after minor surgery? Their anesthesiologist, Dr. Kate Downey, wants to know why, but her investigation threatens her job, her family, and her very life.


“Medical suspense as sharp as it gets.  Euliano is off to a good, no, a brilliant start.” — Kathy Reichs 

“This is terrific – delicious suspense, done-that authenticity, and a great main character in Dr. Kate Downey … we want to see more of her.” — Lee Child 

“FATAL INTENT rings with thrilling authenticity. Tammy Euliano writes with convincing authority, immersing us in a world only a doctor truly knows.” — Tess Gerritsen

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