Episode 205: ECMO update with Drs. Essandoh, Cody and Graul

In this 205th episode I welcome Drs. Essandoh, Cody and Graul back to the show to discuss ECMO including significant new technology and devices that have come into play since I last covered ECMO.

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Episode 204: Management of Patients with LVADs for Non-cardiac Surgery with Kia Sedghi

In this 204th episode I welcome Dr. Kia Sedghi to the show to discuss the perioperative management of patients with LVADs coming in for non-cardiac surgery.

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Episode 203: Writing a Novel and Anesthesiologists in Popular Fiction with Tammy Euliano

In this 203rd episode I welcome Dr. Tammy Euliano to the show to discuss how she got involved in writing fiction, how she took her idea all the way to a published novel called Fatal Intent, and how anesthesiologists are portrayed in popular fiction.

Dr. Euliano is on Twitter @teuliano

WEBSITE: www.teuliano.com 

LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA:  https://www.facebook.com/teuliano 

BUY LINK for her novel: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BZXYZ6M/ 

Brief summary of the novel: Malpractice or serial killer, and why doesn’t anyone care that frail, elderly patients are dying at home days after minor surgery? Their anesthesiologist, Dr. Kate Downey, wants to know why, but her investigation threatens her job, her family, and her very life.


“Medical suspense as sharp as it gets.  Euliano is off to a good, no, a brilliant start.” — Kathy Reichs 

“This is terrific – delicious suspense, done-that authenticity, and a great main character in Dr. Kate Downey … we want to see more of her.” — Lee Child 

“FATAL INTENT rings with thrilling authenticity. Tammy Euliano writes with convincing authority, immersing us in a world only a doctor truly knows.” — Tess Gerritsen

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Episode 202: RADAR and Anti-racism in Anesthesiology with Matt Wixson

In this 202nd episode I welcome Dr. Matt Wixson, co-founder of RADAR (Raising Anesthesiology Diversity and Anti-Racism) to the show to discuss anti-racism in Anesthesiology.

RADAR’s website: https://radaranesthesia.org

Dr. Wixson’s email: mwixson@med.umich.edu

Dr. Wixson is on Twitter @WixsonMatt

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Episode 201: The Simplified Adductor Canal Block with Jeff Swenson

In this 201st episode I welcome Dr. Jeff Swenson to the show to discuss his invention of the original adductor canal block and why he is now doing a simplified version.

Dr. Swenson’s email is: jeff.swenson@hsc.utah.edu

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Episode 199: Pharmacology for the Neuro ICU with Salia Farrokh

In this 199th episode I welcome Salia Farrokh to the show to discuss pharmacology in the neuro ICU. We discuss treatment for status epilepticus, ICP crisis, reversal of anticoagulants in ICH, neurostimulants in TBI and BP management in stroke.

Salia is on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/salia-farrokh-pharm-d-bcps-bcccp-845b1b38/

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Episode 198: Non-Transvenous Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device Technology

In this 198th episode I welcome Drs. Essandoh, Cody and Graul to the show to discuss new technology for non-transvenous cardiac devices such as subcutaneous ICDs, leadless pacemakers and wireless-CRT.

Dr. Cody’s email is: Joseph.Cody@osumc.edu

Abstract of their review article: https://www.jcvaonline.com/article/S1053-0770(21)00113-0/abstract

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Episode 197: Environmental Sustainability in Anesthesia with Shreya Aggarwal

In this 197th episode I welcome Dr. Shreya Aggarwal to the show to discuss the environmental impact of healthcare in general and anesthesiology specifically. We discuss what the impact is and what we can do to mitigate it.

Dr. Aggarwal is available at: shreya.aggarwal@northwestern.edu




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Episode 196: Keywords part 16: Urologic surgery and Renal Failure

In this 196th episode I welcome Dr. Gillian Isaac back to the show to discuss another ABA keyword. We discuss urologic surgery and renal failure.

References: Barash Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition and Anesthesiahub.com

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