Episode 192: Keywords part 14: Maternal Physiology with Gillian Isaac

In this 192nd episode I welcome Dr. Gillian Isaac back to the show to discuss another ABA keyword, maternal physiology.

References: Barash Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition and Anesthesiahub.com

Episode 191: Preop assessment for ambulatory surgery with Bobbie Sweitzer

In this episode I welcome Dr. Bobbie Sweitzer to the show to discuss how to identify high risk patients for ambulatory surgery in order to reduce the risk of postop complications. We review important perioperative guidelines and how the patient population for ambulatory surgery is changing.

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Episode 190: NORA (Non-OR Anesthesia) with Yasmeen Beg

In this 190th episode I welcome Dr. Yasmeen Beg to the show to discuss how Non-OR Anesthesia (NORA) differs from traditional OR anesthesia and what practitioners should keep in mind for these cases.

Dr. Beg is on twitter @yasmeenb2

Episode 189: Timing of Surgery After Recovery From COVID-19 with Jason Chi

In this 189th episode I welcome Dr. Jason Chi to the show to discuss what we know about how to plan for surgery in patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

Jason’s email: jasonchi1000@gmail.com

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Episode 188: Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery

In this 188th episode I discuss the approach to Anesthesia for patients having thoracic surgery including highly tested concepts for board exams.


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Episode 187: PEEP for Robotic Surgery with Gabe Tharp

In this 187th episode I welcome Dr. Gabe Tharp to the show to discuss his recent article in Anesthesiology: “Body Habitus and Dynamic Surgical Conditions Independently Impair Pulmonary Mechanics during Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Surgery.” We discuss his findings and whether we should be using much higher levels of PEEP than we currently do.

Gabe’s group is on Twitter: @uvmanesthesia


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Episode 186: What anesthesiologists need to know about cannabis with Jen Meeker

In this 186th episode I welcome Dr. Jennifer Meeker to the show to discuss the increased use of cannabis in the general population and what that means for anesthesiologists taking care of patients who may have acute or chronic use.

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Episode 185: Fluid Responsiveness in the OR with Lee Goeddel

In this 185th episode I welcome back Dr. Lee Goeddel to discuss assessment of fluid responsiveness in the operating room.


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Episode 184: Truncal Blocks with Drs. Segna and Rayaz

In this 184th episode I welcome back Drs. Kara Segna and Hassan Rayaz to discuss truncal blocks. We discuss rectus sheath, transversus abdominis plane, quadratus lumborum and erector spinae plane blocks.

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Episode 183: Keywords Part 13 with Gillian Isaac: Thyroid for the Basic and Advanced Exams

In this 183rd episode I welcome back Dr. Gillian Isaac to do another keyword episode where we review the ABA keyword topics of Thyroid for the Basic Exam and Thyroid for the Advanced Exam.


Barash Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition

American Board of Anesthesiology Website


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