Episode 172: A Pregnant Patient with Congenital Heart Disease

In this 172nd episode I welcome a panel of experts to discuss the management of a pregnant patient with congenital heart disease. Drs. Hofkamp, Vaught and Meng join me to discuss the preoperative evaluation, obstetric management, and postoperative care.

2 Replies to “Episode 172: A Pregnant Patient with Congenital Heart Disease”

  1. This episode was so wonderfully comprehensive! Not only did cover pre, intra, and post operative management, but it integrated so many important considerations in taking care of these patients: high level physiology, clinical application, systems based practice, team based care delivery, and patient centered care. Thanks for assembling such a great panel!

  2. This is SO good. Please invite Dr. Meng back for more podcasts – her explanations are perfect for the resident level.

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