Episode 167: COVID Clinical Care Update

In this 167th episode I review the most recent changes that we’ve made to our protocols for caring for COVID patients and share a fantastic one page summary sheet that 3 of our ICU fellows put together. Huge thanks to Drs. Navarette, Herekar and Baronos for their work on this. It is available for download below. References are on the second page of the attachment.

2 Replies to “Episode 167: COVID Clinical Care Update”

  1. For intubation for surgery, I read about excluding all personnel not essential for the intubation to reduce aerosol exposure. It should definitely be done for positive or suspected patients, but for low risk patients, are you practicing exclusion from the OR until the airway is secure? If you’re treating everyone as covid+ until proven otherwise, is this step also necessary?

    1. For low risk OR intubations we are not using N95s for everyone in the OR, nor are we emptying the OR. Only the Anesthesia team uses N95s. It’s a good question though and I’d love to hear what others are doing.

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