Episode 137: Contracts and Negotiation with Steve Kaufman

In this 137th episode I welcome Steve Kaufman to the show to discuss contracts and negotiation for doctors. Steve is a lawyer with decades of experience helping doctors negotiate contracts.

If you have questions for Steve you can contact him directly at 410-659-1385, or email at SKaufman@wcslaw.com and he’s on twitter at @SKaufmanWCS

2 Replies to “Episode 137: Contracts and Negotiation with Steve Kaufman”

  1. I found this a rather useful podcast. I noticed that in podcast 114 on the “Business of Anesthesia” with Dr. Jerry Stonemetz, it was mentioned to NOT get a lawyer when reviewing business contracts/going to the employer for negations, while this podcast highly recommended having a lawyer help decipher the contact and urged one to negotiate items that are present in the contract.

    Would other individuals, or Dr. Stonemetz and Mr. Kaufman, provide more insight into their perspective on utilizing a lawyer for contract reviews and negotiations?

    1. I believe Dr. Stonemetz said he wouldn’t recommend a lawyer for an academic contract but would for a private practice contract. But definitely interested if others have thoughts.

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