Episode 75: OB Oral Board Stem with Drs. Galvan and Hofkamp

In this episode, episode 75, I welcome back Drs. Galvan and Hofkamp to do an OB oral board stem.  We juxtapose examples of “right” and “wrong” answers to highlight important approaches to the exam.

The stem is here: Stem

One Reply to “Episode 75: OB Oral Board Stem with Drs. Galvan and Hofkamp”

  1. Dr. Hofkamp was entertaining at first, but there was just way too much over-the-top craziness there! Maybe if you did the back and forth wrong and right, and then discussed the details and evaluation of both, it would be better. Especially if you limited each episodes to a few answers, maybe one or two topics per episode?

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