Episode 16: Increased ICP Therapy with Dave Mintz

In this episode I welcome back Dr. David Mintz, neuroanesthesiologist, to discuss the treatment of increased intracranial pressure in the perioperative period and brain relaxation during neurosurgery.  Dr. Mintz will be back in the future to talk about the physiology of increased ICP.

4 Replies to “Episode 16: Increased ICP Therapy with Dave Mintz”

  1. I really enjoy hearing the podcast in conversation, Q&A format. Questions that you ask are often things that I am curious about. So it’s great to hear the interactive conversation. I think this is a great idea/ way for listeners to learn.

  2. Really enjoyed this episode! Excited to hear pt. 2 when Dr. Mintz returns to discuss the physiology of ICP increase.

  3. Great episode, great podcast at all! Thank you so much for all the effort!
    Just a minor comment on the dosing recommendations at 10:07 – it should be 0.25-1.0 g/kg (not mg)


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