Episode 44: Intro to cardiac anesthesia with Megan Kostibas

In this episode, episode 44, I welcome Dr. Megan Kostibas to the show.  Dr. Kostibas is trained in cardiac anesthesia and critical care medicine and is an assistant professor here at Hopkins.  She is also the associate program director for the cardiac anesthesia fellowship.  We discuss the basics of how to prepare, induce and manage difference cardiac pathology as well as how to go on and off cardiopulmonary bypass.

Show Notes by Dr. Brian Park

8 Replies to “Episode 44: Intro to cardiac anesthesia with Megan Kostibas”

  1. Awesome talk guys. I work in the local SICU taking care of open heart patient (nurse) and this talk has helped tremendously. Thanks. Can’t wait for part 2.

  2. Great podcast! As an anesthesiologist working outside the cardiac surgery, ti was so useful to listen and remind!

  3. I listened to this podcast before my first cardiac case. It was so helpful. Best part was the discussion was heparin, protamine, and antithrombin 3. This happened in my case, we gave heparin and the ACT was going down. Then we gave thrombate and the ACT went up to 500. It was awesome to know exactly what was going on from the podcast ahead of time, then awesome to see it happen in real life. That wasn’t in any text books I read.

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