Episode 38: Survey

This episode is just a short request for a favor.  I spend a lot of time putting this podcast out free of charge and I enjoy doing it.  But in order to justify the time to my department I need to be able to show some data.  So I am asking listeners to please take 5 minutes to complete this survey.  It is completely anonymous; your name will never be known or associated in any way with your response.  Thanks so much for your help.  You can expect more anesthesia and critical care related episodes soon.

The survey is here

20 thoughts on “Episode 38: Survey”

  1. I am very impressed with your thorough reviews. I normally don’t leave comments for resources like this, but your website is VERY good. I am a CA3 from Indiana about ready to go into private practice. Please keep adding podcasts!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. I am a fourth year medical student heading into internal medicine. The podcasts are great for folks with an interest in critical care and mechanisms. Please keep up your great work!

  3. I’m a SRNA graduating next year and I listen to your podcasts on my way to and from clinical. Please keep them coming..I tried to take the survey, but the link said its unavailable.

    1. Thanks Brittany, I’m glad you are enjoying the podcast! Yes, the survey is now closed but thanks for trying. Best of luck with the rest of your training!


  4. Just wanted to thank you again for the time you’ve put into making these. I am a recently graduated CA3 at Columbia prepping for the written boards. I learn best by listening so I’m very much enjoying the podcasts. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Matt, I’m really glad you are enjoying the podcast!

      Congratulations on finishing residency!


  5. Hi! I graduated a few years ago and recently discovered your podcasts. They are excellent! A great refresher to help me do a good job caring for my patients and teaching residents. Thank you for your hard work.

  6. I tried to do the survey but it says it is not active! Just recently found this learning venue. I love it. Full of great review and new good information. I would like to listen to a podcast about managing the septic patient in the OR.

    1. Hi Indra,

      Thanks for trying but yes, the survey is closed. Great idea for an episode, will put it on the list.


  7. Thanks for your great work! As a CA-1 these podcasts are great a great resource, and I think the content is beneficial and applicable for providers of all levels. Let us know if you get the survey up and working again. Please keep up the great work! Thanks again!

  8. Thank you so much for these podcasts! I am currently a CA-0 in Pennsylvania. I find these podcasts are a great resource to supplement reading and lectures. The survey is no longer active, but I would happily have completed it to state how beneficial these podcasts are if it were. Thanks again!

  9. I’m a family medicine physician currently in an emergency medicine fellowship and I find your podcasts incredibly helpful particularly during my critical care/anesthesia rotations. Really appreciate your work! I’ve highly recommended it to my colleagues and other trainees (anesthesia residents, PA/NP/med students).

  10. I am a current CA 2 in Louisiana and I just wanted to comment on how helpful your podcast is. I look forward to listening to these and find them very informative. Additionally I know many of my classmates listen to your podcasts as well. Please keep making these. The work your doing is everyday is meaningful and valued! Thanks!

  11. I would like to leave an extremely positive review on the survey but the link is down. It looks like this episode was done over a year ago, but I wasn’t listening then. Sorry.

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