Episode 3: Announcements and FIO2 in one lung ventilation

There are a few announcements I wanted to make including:

Check out pedsanesthesia.net.  Dr. Robert Greenberg, a pediatric anesthesiologist here at Johns Hopkins runs it and it has lots of great information and topics in pediatric anesthesiology.

If you have suggestions for a better website than this one please let me know!

If you know a good way to set up an email list serve for these kinds of announcements please let me know that as well.

And, finally, I address a surgeon’s comment to one of our residents that you should always use 100% fio2 when ventilating one lung during a thoracic case.  Listen to the podcast for details but the bottom line is you should NOT use 100% oxygen unless you have to in order to prevent hypoxia.

Here is a link to a great review on this topics published last year in Critical Care: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26278383

Episode 2: Temperature Regulation

In this episode I review the topics of intraoperative hypothermia and temperature regulation.  Lots of good board review topics and some sample board review questions.  The slides are available here: Temperature Regulation Slides

You can leave comments here or email accracpodcast@gmail.com.

Topics covered:

Hypothermia: Etiology, Prevention, Treatment, Complications

Effect of Drugs/Anesthesia on Temperature regulation

Heat Loss and mechanisms

Temperature Regulating centers

Heat Production and Conservation

Body Temperature measurement sites and gradients

Non MH hyperthermia syndromes

Fever facts

NOTE: I updated this episode a couple of days after it was first published.  One of our residents pointed out that I had incorrectly stated that hypothermia increases MAC when it actually lowers it. I have now corrected the episode to reflect that and to clarify the role of increasing the temperature of the operating room itself.

Episode 1: Properties and laws of volatile anesthetics

This is a very high yield episode to help you review for the anesthesia board exam.  I cover the board key word section entitled gas laws which includes a focus on volatile anesthetics, their properties, and how they act on, and in, the human body.

Topics covered will include:

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