Episode 94: Organ Donation with Clint Burns

Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC) Podcast
Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC) Podcast
Episode 94: Organ Donation with Clint Burns

In this episode, episode 94, I welcome Clint Burns to the show.  Clint received a liver transplant in 1994, then went on to go to nursing school, have 4 children, be an ICU nurse, and he now runs the organ and tissue donation program here at Johns Hopkins.  We discuss his story, the process of organ donation, and how providers can help make this process a gift for both donor and recipient.

CME: https://earnc.me/FsS3Ar

4 thoughts on “Episode 94: Organ Donation with Clint Burns”

  1. Dear professor Jed Wolpaw:
    I am a attending doctor from chongqing medical university affiliated children hospital of china. I am loyal audience of the podcast. I think the programs from your podcast can not only provide us new medical information,but also improve our english listening level. I hope you can add a fuction that we can watch or download the full text of podcast in your website or podcast app. Thank you very much for the help from the podcast.
    Sincerely welcome your reply
    Yu SiYuan

    1. I’m glad it’s useful! Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to do that at this time but maybe in the future.


  2. I really appreciated this episode. I am a nurse at the Neurologist ICU at the University of Utah and we work with Intermountain Donor Services (IDS) very frequently with our brain dead patients.

    I found this podcast very helpful because even on my unit, were we donate quite often, there are many misconceptions about donation. I think this subject needs to be brought up more and people should be familiar with the process in place.

    I second Clint’s advice that the best thing to do is let the specialist with donation talk to family. They know the steps and criteria way better than you could ever explain. More importantly, they can discuss the subject with far more finesse since they do this everyday. Let them do their job, they are good at it!

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