Episode 71: Oral Board Prep 2: part 1

In this episode, episode 71, combined with the next episode, episode 72, I welcome back Drs. Tran and Beaudry to do an oral board prep example.  We got through how not to do it and then how to do it well.  This is part 1, episode 72 will be part 2.

The stem and questions are here: Oral board stem

3 Replies to “Episode 71: Oral Board Prep 2: part 1”

  1. Both these episodes were excellent. It is really helpful to get an idea on how the US oral boards are structured, and more importantly how to practice to convert your inner monologue to an external one. While I deal with cases like this on a daily basis I feeI I would still struggle with the presentation for the board exam, and hence I was very impressed with Dr Wolpaw’s ad hoc effort.

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