Episode 197: Environmental Sustainability in Anesthesia with Shreya Aggarwal

In this 197th episode I welcome Dr. Shreya Aggarwal to the show to discuss the environmental impact of healthcare in general and anesthesiology specifically. We discuss what the impact is and what we can do to mitigate it.

Dr. Aggarwal is available at: shreya.aggarwal@northwestern.edu




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One Reply to “Episode 197: Environmental Sustainability in Anesthesia with Shreya Aggarwal”

  1. I listened to this episode yesterday – it was interesting to compare regional differences. In Perth, Australia the majority of hospitals around town have removed desflurane from the anaesthetic machines. It is available still but it has to be requested ahead of time. We also have end tidal control modes for volatile agents, so standard practice is to set the end tidal and set the flows to ‘minimum’ which leads to a flow rate of ~0.55l/min. Nitrous is rarely used outside of obstetrics. There is also a big push away from volatiles at all and using propofol based anaesthesia – probably a bit easier for us as we have ‘Target controlled infusion’ pumps which do a bit of the pump adjusting for us.

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