Episode 196: Keywords part 16: Urologic surgery and Renal Failure

In this 196th episode I welcome Dr. Gillian Isaac back to the show to discuss another ABA keyword. We discuss urologic surgery and renal failure.

Show Notes by Brian Park MD

References: Barash Clinical Anesthesia 8th edition and Anesthesiahub.com

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2 Replies to “Episode 196: Keywords part 16: Urologic surgery and Renal Failure”

  1. Question about hypertonic saline vs loop diuretic for TURP/ hyponatremia. My understanding is that slow infusion of 3% hypertonic saline (100ml/h or less) would be the initial treatment for Na<120, before a loop diuretic. In the example in the podcast when a patient has a sodium of 116 with moderate symptoms, the recommended initial treatment is a loop diuretic. Is it possible to get additional clarification/ explanation for this please? Thank you!

    1. This may vary from place to place but some say to only use hypertonic saline in emergency situations such as a seizing patient. Otherwise slow correction is safer.

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