Episode 139: Keywords Part 5: Succinylcholine and Interscalene Block

In this 139th episode I welcome Dr. Gillian Isaac back to the show to discuss another 2 ABA keywords, succinylcholine and interscalene brachial plexus block.

3 Replies to “Episode 139: Keywords Part 5: Succinylcholine and Interscalene Block”

  1. Mnemonic: He Is Going Nowhere Soon (heparin, insulin, glyco, nondepolarizers, sux)—all DON’T cross the placenta

    Random Recommendation: how to triage intraoperative activities as a new CA-1? MICRO—monitor, intervene, communicate, record, organize

    Appreciation: these Keywords episodes are so great! Dr. Isaac clearly puts in a lot of work, they are appropriately paced and detailed, and cover high-yield content I wouldn’t otherwise use (published questions without explanations).

  2. I love your podcast. Thanks a lot.
    I found a good rule to remember what drugs cross the placenta.
    He Is Going Nowhere Soon: heparin, insulin, glycopyrrolate, ND muscle-relaxants NMB and succinylcholine

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