Episode 138: Lower Extremity Blocks Part 1: Ankle and Sciatic

In this 138th episode I welcome Drs. Segna and Rayaz back to the show to discuss lower extremity nerve blocks. We cover the ankle block and sciatic nerve block approaches today and will cover the anterior leg in a later episode.

The Medium Article: https://medium.com/@admiralcloudberg/the-near-crash-of-air-canada-flight-759-c61094867d45

2 Replies to “Episode 138: Lower Extremity Blocks Part 1: Ankle and Sciatic”

  1. Do you have a consensus list of what is considered a “deep” vs “superficial” peripheral nerve block? It seems to be somewhat provider dependent (ex: many providers consider Axillary to be the only “superficial” brachial plexus block). Thanks!

    1. Hi Zach,

      Per Dr. Segna:
      It is provider and patient dependent but here is a generalized list that most people go by:
      Superficial: interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, PEC, serratus, TAP, QL, femoral, fascia iliaca, popliteal, ankle
      Deep: infraclavicular, sciatic (depending on how high), erector spinae, paravertebral

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