Episode 114: The Business of Anesthesia with Jerry Stonemetz

In this 114th episode I welcome Dr. Jerry Stonemetz to the show to discuss the business side of Anesthesiology. Specifically we discuss billing, compliance, contract negotiation and Jerry’s thoughts on where the industry is heading.

Slides are here:

5 Replies to “Episode 114: The Business of Anesthesia with Jerry Stonemetz”

  1. Fantastic podcast, the business of anesthesia is often viewed as taboo, however, you did a wonderful job discussing this vital component to our profession. One issue I have is the use of the term “mid-level,” who is a mid-level? A CRNA is an independently licensed anesthesia professional and if the term mid-level being directed to CRNAs I would encourage you to revise your thought process. Once again thank you for time and efforts in this podcast.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. I don’t think Dr. Stonemetz meant any offense and I’m sure he’d prefer to refer to any practitioner in whatever way they prefer. Thanks!

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