Episode 111: Tracheostomies, Cricothyrotomies and ENT surgery with Dr. Zandy Hillel

In this 111th episode I welcome Dr. Zandy Hillel to the show. Dr. Hillel is an otolaryngologist here at Johns Hopkins and we discuss tracheostomies, Cricothyrotomies, laryngeal surgery and difficult airways.





Difficult Airway Response Teams:


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  1. I’d add that any time you care for a trach patient, make note of whether or not their device requires the presence of an inner cannula to interface with standard ventilator/BVM adapters.

    Some common brands make it impossible to connect a patient to a vent or BVM without the inner cannula in place, so if that gets lost, broken, or obstructed you need to either replace it with a compatible piece or exchange the trach entirely.

    This is one of those pieces of information that is unpleasant to discover in the heat of the moment.

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