Episode 74: Opioid Crisis Engagement with Chad Brummett

In this episode, episode 74, I welcome Dr. Chad Brummett to the show.  Chad is the co-director of the Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network (OPEN) in Michigan and leads some fantastic and extremely effective initiatives to combat the opioid crisis.  His website has more details and materials for anyone interested in starting similar initiatives elsewhere.  Check it out at Michigan-open.org.

Outline by Brian Park: Opioid Crisis Engagement outline

Episode 73: Medical Liability with Darrell Ranum

In this episode, episode 73, I welcome Darrell Ranum, an attorney and malpractice insurance executive, to the show to discuss his article on Anesthesia related liability claims.  We discuss why people sue anesthesia providers and how to reduce the risk of being sued.

The article is: Ranum D, Beverly A, Shapiro FE and Urman RD. Leading Causes of Anesthesia-Related Liability Claims in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. J Patient Saf 2017. E-published ahead of print.

Episode 71: Oral Board Prep 2: part 1

In this episode, episode 71, combined with the next episode, episode 72, I welcome back Drs. Tran and Beaudry to do an oral board prep example.  We got through how not to do it and then how to do it well.  This is part 1, episode 72 will be part 2.

The stem and questions are here: Oral board stem

Episode 69: Intro to Trauma with Bob Sikorski

In this episode, Episode 69, I welcome Dr. Bob Sikorski, director of trauma anesthesiology at Johns Hopkins, to the show to discuss a general overview of trauma anesthesia.  We discuss prehospital, ER and OR management and key things to keep in mind when caring for trauma patients.

References: Trauma references list

TEG diagram: