Episode 60: Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis with Andrew Jarrell

In this episode, episode 60, I welcome Andrew Jarrell, one of our amazing surgical ICU pharmacists to the show.  We discuss antibiotic prophylaxis for surgery including what to use, how to time it, how long to continue it, and what the evidence says about things like indwelling drains.

A fantastically helpful outline of the episode put together by Brian Park is here: Outline

Episode 59: Pulmonary HTN with Jochen Steppan

In this episode, episode 59, I welcome international pulmonary hypertension expert Dr. Jochen Steppan to the show to discuss pulmonary hypertension and how to manage the preoperative care of patients with this disease.

Outline by Brian Park: Outline

Episode 58: Medications For Neuraxial Anesthesia with Dave Berman and Anh Nguyen

In this episode, episode 58, I welcome our two OB Anesthesia fellows to the show, Dr. Dave Berman and Dr. Anh Nguyen.  We discuss the medications used for neuraxial anesthesia including local anesthetics, opioids, and adjuncts such as epinephrine, clonidine and more.

Outline by Brian Park: Outline

Dave’s email is dberma20@jhmi.edu and Anh’s is tnguy193@jhmi.edu.

References can be found here: Neuraxial references

Episode 57: Bugs and Drugs Part 2 With Rachel Kruer

In this episode, episode 57, I welcome back Rachel Kruer, our amazing SICU pharmacist and we complete our two part series on bugs and drugs in the ICU.  We discuss different infections that are commonly seen in ICUs and how to treat them.