Episode 39: Liver Transplant with Dr. Steve Frank

In this episode, episode 39, I interview Dr. Steve Frank, Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins, Medical Director of Blood Management for Johns Hopkins Health System and Chief of Adult Anesthesiology about anesthesia for liver transplants.

Episode 38: Survey

This episode is just a short request for a favor.  I spend a lot of time putting this podcast out free of charge and I enjoy doing it.  But in order to justify the time to my department I need to be able to show some data.  So I am asking listeners to please take 5 minutes to complete this survey.  It is completely anonymous; your name will never be known or associated in any way with your response.  Thanks so much for your help.  You can expect more anesthesia and critical care related episodes soon.

The survey is here

Episode 37: OR Crises

In this episode, episode 37, I go over crises that can happen in the OR, when to suspect them, and what to do about them.  I draw from two excellent sets of OR crisis checklists that are available for free.  The Stanford Anesthesia Cognitive Aid Group’s lists and the Ariadne Labs/Brigham/Harvard School of Public Health lists.

The Stanford checklists can be downloaded for free here: http://emergencymanual.stanford.edu

The Harvard checklists can be downloaded for free here: http://www.projectcheck.org/crisis-checklist-download.html